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photo  by Stefanie Bauer

artist's statement

My work begins with creating the total chaos on canvas.

I let any themes or accidents happen and go.

As I continue this process, osmotically imagery begins to emerge.

My work is the result of discerning many layers of thoughts and feelings, transformation of the unconsciousness to the consciousness.

I take inspiration from everyday life, conversations, relationships.  

For me, painting process is like ‘tuning’ to voices to be heard.

I tune into them and pass them on in my form.


   Self-taught artist. Born in post-war Hiroshima as a daughter of a Japanese master craftsman, Rin can’t remember a time in her life when she was not surrounded by art. By the age of five she was studying traditional Japanese calligraphy, won numerous awards at the youth calligraphy competitions. Her wanderlust has taken her backpacking early on, traveled and lived Micronesian islands, Asian countries, Middle Eastern countries, South and Northern European countries, Central and South America, and Northern America…. across the globe. She loves exploring the back alleys of cities and unusual hidden treasures.


   Rin’s art focus on the human form dealing with the human condition. Her instinctual expression is not just as representational images, but as icons communicating with each other. They evoke emotion and stories, draw viewers to the universal compassion of humanity. Penetrating eyes and vivid colors highlight the symbolism in her work. Her style is not modeled on any particular artist or genre. She gets inspiration from life experiences and feelings. Originality and creativity are the two fundamental essence of her art.


   Rin has worked for poster designs for theater troupes, made hundreds of greeting card designs for Charities (Medicine sans frontier/ Syracuse Cultural Workers/ Rashid Pediatric Therapy Center/ Dubai Eco etc.), CD cover designs, Magazine illustrations…so on.  

   Her paintings have been published and  bought by numerous collectors in UK, Australia, Switzerland, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, France, Germany, Canada, UAE, US.   The illustrated message book 'You Sparkle Inside' (Written by Rachel Kann/ Illustrated Rin Colabucci) was published in 2018,  


   She has been selected as one of the leading achievers from around the world-Marquis ‘WHO’S WHO in the World 2005(22nd Edition). Tiled replica of Rin’s original artwork 'SONGS OF TREES, WINDS and BIIRDS' ( )was used for drinking fountain backsplash at San Diego International Airport; (Terminal-1) Her original artwork commissioned as part of the Art Program’s Permanent Collection. She resides in Los Angeles, California. She is a member of LAAA (Los Angeles Art Association) and SCBWI(Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators).


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