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TWA "NOW" show is on @OMA

I am participating the art show "NOW" at OMA (Oceanside Museum of Art).

My latest series "Elephant in the Room" will be exhibited.

"This exhibition is a collective reflection on the challenging conditions women face today.When we started the project in late 2019, we never imagined that 2020 would become one of the most turbulent and tragic years in recent history, or that women would be on the front lines of many struggles.

The pandemic motivated the artists to ponder on the vulnerability and the sacrifices made by families and the community. The cries of George Floyd for his mother provoked them to confront racial injustice. If the art registered women’s struggles, it also celebrated their power—whether as leaders and activists or as mothers and essential workers. The effects of climate change and political polarization also entered the visual conversation. The art also provided respite—a moment of meditation on beauty and form, an expression of resilience." (—Curator Alessandra Moctezuma)

The show will be running from March 13th through August 1st. Unfortunately the museum is currently closed to public due to the pandemic situation. You can view all artwork online from this link;

I sure will update when OMA reopens!

Elephants Crossing


I Know You See Me

Black Rain

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