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'Que Sera Sera' ...for New Year 2023

I've been making new year's card as my new year's resolution ever since I was six years old. Each card is surely the reflection of my mental state of the year though I have no idea till I start making it ( I never have plan for all my creation till start).

It's been overwhelmingly hectic for too long I feel.

If anything I've learnt through this dark time, it is that life is more mysterious than I ever thought.

It will be nice if I can see things more clearly....but I already know so well that the thinking of 'if' is an only acute remedy.

Not being able to see clearly is a human condition. we go now?

Let's enjoy the beautiful things in life.

No matter what lies in front of us, let's flow and be.

'Que sera sera'.... whatever will be, will be.



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